Horeca is a business term used to refer to those who specialize in activities offered in the industry food and beverage for the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering related services. The term is an acronym of syllables from the Hotel, Restaurant and Catering. This term is thought to originate from the Netherlands. However it is also used extensively in Spain, Portugal, Belgium and in most of the companies specialized in this field worldwide.

In Vietnam, the HORECA version 2.0 with cover from the object services to products and services that we offer. It is a combination of HORECA include:  Hotel, Hospital, Office building, Manufacture,  Restaurant, Catering, Café, Canteen, Casino, Cafeterier, Cinema, Car park, Airport, Station …

  • Paper hand towels: paper towels to wipe hands white, soft, smooth, tough non-stick dirt is indispensable for life products of civilization, modern and comfort. With paper hand towels to wipe the hands not merely makes dry hands like hand dryer that it will bring to you the feeling of relaxation, it’s purity when cleaning the face, nose, mouth or anywhere.
  • Jumbo roll tissue paper: also with the use and features as the regular toilet paper rolls. However, the large roll of toilet paper is remarkable for the creation of modern industrial life, the product is widely used for industrial development such as Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, USA, Germany … 
  • Porcelain bowl, Cup utensils: for each restaurant, hotel, creating a difference is extremely important. With these simple widgets such as cups, bowl porcelain by Horeca distributor collaboration with leading manufacturers in Vietnam limited gives customers more choices of sample code, and the guests. Help promote the application to locate the image in a most effective way, the most delicate.
  • Cleansers, cleaning sauce consisted of glass and perfume spray room. With the triples this product will bring you a cool, clean, really fresh and clean.


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